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Simple question.
Me: superman!
I'm thinking about Superman with red underwear. Strong and sexy in the same time!
What about yours? 😜
If you think about "Russia" (Country) What things is in your mind, tell me 3 things.
Thank you for your answers!
I'm thinking about a fighting game "Bloody roar".
If you can transform yourself in to animal (to fight) What kind of animal you would be?
Me monkey. :D
  • Watching: Aslan Senki

Hello! It’s May 2015!

Now I open to do some commission!

I don’t know much about doing commission but feel free to contact me if you interest!


Sketch ($1 per1 charactor)

Buzujima Tavoh by Ko-Ton


Lineart, and black color ($3 per1 character, half/full)

Asuma Outline by buzujima  Wrestler by buzujima


Simple colored ($5 per1 character, half/full) 

RQ: Bolin by buzujima RQ: Drayden by buzujima RQ: Crasher Wake by buzujima


Colored/shaded ($10 per1 character, half/full)

Santa13 by buzujima Russian Fur Hat by buzujima RQ: Koby Dominique by buzujima


I accept to draw: Men, bara, OC, fan art, NSFW things :D

I accept Paypal only. :D 

  • Watching: Aslan Senki
Hello all,
Something real good just happened to my life I feel like I was reborn again!
I think I have to do something more special than ever since I am not improve much in drawing.
It's also my plan since last year to do some free requests again and start collecting some money in May I'm thinking about doing some commissions too.

This time I would do some requests again. For 4 pieces in the same rules.

3 pieces for the first, second and third requests that talk to me via this journal or PM and I say "accept"
another 1 piece which I like.
Leave your message here or note to me. Tell me details or related pic. 
You know what I can draw. ;) (Wink) If you don't know, feel free to take a look at my gallery.
*Not guarantee satisfying.
*Will try to complete all in April.


**Request Closed**
Thank you for all.

Hello, now I open to do some requests for 4 pieces.
3 pieces for the first, second and third requests and 
I will choose another 1 piece which I like.
Leave your message here or note to me. Tell me details or related pic.
You know what I can draw. ;)
*Not guarantee satisfying.

4.:iconcjdarksoulcj: and :iconrhimes1999:

**Request Closed**
I'll try to finish all of them in this year.
and will open request again next year! (Maybe)
I just buy me a new year present Play station 3 and I use a lot of time play Resident evil5 and 6.
So, there's no new update until next month :)

I always play Resident evil 5 online on mercenaries and versus mode but Resident evil 6 is quite hard for me.
It's like I'm going to headache and vomit when I play. (I don't like it!) but I try to clear all the story mode.
My internet connection is pretty bad like my skill play.
But if you want to play around Resident evil 5 in mercenaries (reunion) or versus mode with me my id is paopaocombatant.

:) Happy new year to all!
One of my work "Blow Me" has been reported and remove this morning.
It's make me surprise!

Here is the link to the
(Reason-Unacceptable submission here)

Update! 03/02/2013
In January 2013 my 3 arts have been reported and banned again!
This time I don't be surprise. :D I think it should banned since a long time!
Here is the name of the pic and I will upload the link later. (if I find a new host)

-Wrestler (That's why children are always prohibited in wrestling) (Reason-Unacceptable submission here)
-Prisoner09 (A man gagged and captured on a chair with a lot of people stairing at him) (Reason-Bodily Fluids)
-Wet05 (A man sitting masturbate) (Reason-Pornographic Imagery)

Update! 25/04/2013
At the 9th of April, 1 more art has been reported again! yeah! Guess which? It was not make me surprise.. :)

-Wet03 (A man sitting and licking his finger with tissue paper in the other hand) (Reason-Unacceptable submission here)
Hi there!

Something new is coming to my life! I have to thinking about it all the time.
And I cannot pay attention in drawing or coloring as well. I have a lot of reason to tell.
No matter what the reason is, I decide to stop doing art.
May be a year. I don't know.

Thank you everyone! Thank you for watch, fav, comment and pageview, everything.
I know I have a little skill and do the bad anatomy. But you still come to see my page.That's my totally pleasure!

See you later.
Hi there!
Thank you all of you for support/fav/watch me.:D
Now i'm thinking a lot of things. And I don't know how can i control my direction. I don't know what to do first.
First, I'm thinking about my concept art that continued in what way.
Second, I'm thinking about the problem in real life that no one guideline to me.
Third, I'm thinking about several things I addicted.

Now, I'm open a group :iconwarriorchrisredfield: Cause of my crazy love in the warrior costume! All art there are about warrior costume only. I'm not sure that I can handle it because this is my first group so I beg all of you to do/make/capture/submit all kind of art that contain Chris Redfield in the Warrior Costume. :D

Happy new year all my friends!
It's a little late on this day ;P I'm always late.
Hope this is a happy, lucky, healthy, and richy year for you and me.

Thank you for watch my gallery always, that's the best thing i've got from DA.

At this time I have a lot of things to do at my work place, so there is no new for two or three weeks. If that thing pass away, I'll come back again.

See you later,